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Can a cable gland really help make your machine more efficient? It can. There’s a wealth of potential in even the tiniest Lapp component. These are just a few examples:

1. 20 % Reduction in Installation time

2. 20% Larger Clamping Range..

3. IP 68 or higher.

4. Multiple Standards for all markets

4. 100 % Secure

Honestly I have never heard an existing client say anything other than the best cable gland I have ever used from any of my customers. I have on the other hand, encountered so many customers trying our products for the first time and with the first closing hearing the click click sound that comes from the special closing mechanism, understanding that this is the last time they use a different cable gland :-)

We have all the various types (Metric, PG, NPT) and all different materials , Polyamide, Brass, Nickel Plated Brass, Stainless steel solutions obviously with or withought EMC protections and this is just a short list. if you have any questions give me a call and I will be happy to assist you .

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